Italian poetry from medieval times

Posted: December 21, 2010 in Uncategorized

I was just looking on google for a correlation between the words ho and medieval poetry, and this was one of the first poets from that era who appeared. So I have run with that.

S’i’ fosse foco by Cecco Angiolieri – based upon a translation mentioning chorality of the verses, I assume for the purpose of the translation.

If I were fire, I would burn the world;
if I were wind, I would bestorm it;
if I were water, I would drown it;
if I were God, I would hurl it into the deep;

If I were Pope, I would be happy,
as I would harry all Christians;
if I were emperor, do you know what I would do?
I would chop off the heads of the lot of them.

If I were death, I would go to my father;
if I were life, I would run from him,
and I would do the same for my mother.

If I were Cecco, as I am and have been,
I would take for myself all the young and pretty women,
and leave the lame and ugly for others.


So opportunistic. And yet so righteously vengeful. And also the first four lines sum up the way of how to be not of the elements, as it stands with pagan rites according to an ancient usage and awareness of language.

This is a truth, and an English teaching of mine since I learnt to speak and write the word deems it wrong. Yet it is recognised instantly and ancestrally within myself, upon following by hearing and picking up on written and human sources who have awarely activated not, however it is spelt. And the word not is deemed as important to spiritual life for pagans. Some, anyway.


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