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I first made this late at night and put them up on my Facebook wall.

These are my most commonly travailed walks. It was rough, especially when I had to walk back from Bondi beach to Central Station late at night or early in the morning after walking too far the previous night. And I just wanted to rest somewhere, but had to wait til I got home.

I would walk from Redfern or Newtown, or catch the train from Ashfield, and walk down George Street to Circular Quay, and then around to the Botanic Gardens. On the way I would play games at the arcade in George Street. Out to Darling Harbour, sometimes playing a game at the arcade.  Or try one of the attractions at Darling Harbour, like The Gravitron where you could turn upside down and do stomach crunches! Or the Wild Mouse, but then I think that was at Big Smiley Face..umm whats its name again, Luna Park. And then to Chinatown, and back and forth and around the Quay and The Rocks, and all around the area. One of the oldest established areas in Sydney, The Rocks.

I used to volunteer sometimes at Katoomba RSPCA. It is beyond this map, in both directions, the journey I travelled in 2004-2005 when I used to live near the Three Sisters Lookout. Just walking and sometimes riding a mountain bike. Its of course very steep hills in the Blue Mountains sometimes..

And then in the town I grew up in. Turramurra, place of Hills according to one Aboriginal place names translation book. I sometimes walked to or from Turramurra High School. I only went there the first two years, year 7 and year 8, and then I changed to Hornsby Girls High School. It was a lot closer to walk to Turramurra Station and get a frequent train that travelled to Hornsby Station only a few minutes away really, and then just to walk a few more minutes and be a bit late instead of really late if I had to walk and catch the bus. The layout of the shop area was very different with a Maccas to stop off at and to have the rare bit of food, or the World 4 kids after school where some of us girls would go and play Sonic the Hedgehog and have strange discussions and exchanges with the local teen boys and girls from Asquith or wherever, maybe Barker or Knox, but that was more likely for them just to go home and play their own machines!! I also used to stop off at the bakery, and get apricot danishes. Yummo. And I would play Tetris at the Dick Smith. And then on the way to the train station, walk past the sign that said {S}hire of Horn{sb}y! It was a great joke back then, once discovered.

A comparatively easy walk. Very much so. And I suggested it and demanded it. Nothing from my parents in the way of stopping me when I have decided..not by a long shot.

Although now I am 32 at the current post time, as one must always be aware of the time factor, especially on the internet. But also in general when recording history. I am a piece of history and so is everyone else who has documented their lives or even put a photo up on the internet. I still am a gamer, only its now online on Perfect World instead of lots of tokens or coins in the arcade machines, or furtive game playing on the Gameboy in the shops. Or on the Big Fish Games games, but not those boring hidden object games, the more intricate ones. Even though some of the graphics are admirable on the hidden object games. Being an artist and computer graphic illustrator and animator, I think of things whilst playing the games and maybe one day my long term devotion to games will pay off by rewarding me with the potentials explored of including graphic or other art I have created into games.


Samantha Aungle


If the ordinary person goes to a shopping centre, they go shopping, they might see a movie, meet up with friends, eat some food, buy some clothing, etc. The experience for someone in the public eye is very different. They are monitored by video cameras, reported upon, mobbed by people, noted by internet sites such as Facebook and other social media, expected to sign autographs, etc.

So the experience of being a person is so different. Their private world is infringed upon. Their private ordinary world, what they wear, what they consume, what they eat, how they eat, where they buy things from, it is all written up as if it must be said by others, just because the person is famed for doing something, creatively, or otherwise. Why is it so important to note all these details of what a celebrity wears or does in their life?


If anyone can answer me knowledgeably, I’d like to know. As I suspect it highly from Facebook advertising, and also what I pick up when I am in the shopping centre, that I am being watched by people. Today I have been advertised to about my bra, or they are saying to me through advertising that they have noticed that I have worn a push up bra.

I also knew in this picking up from the vibe, and that was my ability to read their thoughts of me as I walked through. Whoever they were. But they were connected to it and I know it’s happened before. Right after I go out somewhere they will advertise to me what I have had on or something relating to a product I have bought.

It doesn’t sound usual to someone who just lives a normal life. All normal people are used to is going around and not being bothered about their lives by sites in the internet or any other rumours or lies. I am not a Hollywood actor, I am completely psychic and alternative in my lifestyle, always have been unconventional, activist in ways, leftwing, and they are starting to watch me as if I am the next big thing. I see no money from sales of my music or art.

I know that others in the public eye know of this. Those of you who do not are living a different life. That you should be thankful for. You are the lucky ones. You don’t have to fight for privacy and be aware of being monitored 24/7.

I don’t like it and want it all to stop. The media intrusion must end.

And I will do magic if necessary to prevent it from destroying my consciousness. And when I find out who it is I will talk to them personally and order them to stop. And seek legal action for their bothering of me.



Samantha Aungle



Shopping centres. I have walked around shopping centres a lot in my life. I remember falling asleep being carried on my mum’s shoulder, when I was a small girl with long fingers.

Even when I was a toddler I had young eyes and long fingers.

Good for playing piano and my double bass. Good for typing. Good for many things in life.

Good tidings we bring for you and your king. Says a Christmas carol. It used to be so exciting to wait for the presents stacked underneath the Christmas tree. It was a tree I had to grow taller for, to reach the top. I then achieved that height. The reachable height of an angel on a pine tree in the corner. With all the colourful little lights. The fairy lights, sometimes flashing on and off. Lights flashing on and off. On and off. And some on the blink. Tiny bulbs. With pointed delicate ends. Were they glass? I don’t know.
Easier to leave it at that. As they were breakable.

I have awoken with a start in a cold wintery cabin beside a cardboard box. It buzzed with the vibrating mobile phone alarm. At 6am. Made me near jump out of my skin. I had little sleep. It was so cold there. Frost on the grass. Horses neighing in the field behind the cabin, at 2.30am as the males obvious arousal showed. Mating season. And just standing there. I guess that’s a horse behaviour, to just stand there with a hard on.

I wouldn’t know what it feels like to have a hard on, at all, but I have wondered about it. Imagined the feeling of having a penis.

There are many things I have seen in my life. Horses hooves are stomping all over my feet as my own warning to myself to live life. No matter how much it throws at me. I am a ma, the horse. I am a freedom unto myself. I am a person, a human. Yet I tell myself as truth and also as puzzles. Puzzles, maybe I should put puzzles everywhere or even the word to retain the mystery of myself.

I have tried to work on a puzzle when I was in a place in the City. A jigsaw puzzle. Throes of mind entertainment it is not. And to take one or more of my gifts away is not allowed. Gifts must be retained.

To summon a tactical defence force for my angelic flight is not necessary. I have read the bible, I became aware of a similar story. The truth is that I flew a little without summoning myself to do that. I have levitated at a school camp years ago when I was a young teenager.

I have been lifted, possibly by an angel. It says a similar story in the Catholic Bible. I know it is not a work of great volume about my life. Yet I type and speak the truth. Once I get the energy bodies of people off me I will be talking a lot more as myself. I do this by creation, and a lot of it. Yet it is only one way to do this. I didn’t need have to summon all of myself before, it was easier to live and talk freely. Yet that was when I was not free.

I observe life from beyond the point of observance of people in the present. I constantly reiterate this as I face opposition and name calling , labelling of me. Yeah well I have different voices all right, and anyone who has been around me knows that, they’ve heard them speak instead of me. I have talked to people or attempted to or didn’t even really need to. And this talking of others or recognition of others who sneak around in my body willingly or not, with bad intent or not.

And no one else knows sometimes, and they go along so naively. Yeah I was too preoccupied by the things I was self determining as my life. Even though the rude people talk disturbingly in gutter speak. Even though the wrong definition of rude as somehow pagan, is not who I am. I do not say I am not, unless I am meaning not as in a rite to not a candle, an element, a being, a tree, a deity.

To not the elements, as the ancient words have rung true as I found out by life experience. Even though I am going everywhere. Even though beings seem to try to define life every step of the way and to regulate it. To attempt to make life something for someone else is always the life and talk of the people who do not know how to be that themselves.

I am recognised as a powerful being by the ones that matter. I am a powerful psychic healer. Things just fall to the wayside that need to be arighted.

There are no enquiries with some nice 1940’s hatbox and five little steps to go up in heels and a dress with tiny dots on it. No bell to ring. No person to person, wait for the message, sit on the steps, read a book, play a game with children, tend to the farm, or even the backyard. Tend to the garden and the roses and the chickens and the turkeys and all the meat that I can’t afford. And can’t share.

All the unnatural plastic things that in a small way can help. Yet no nice co-op things to put into paper bags, and take as I need, freshly. Take only what I need. People look upon not having as something to be more alarmed by than to not have a good life and good earth and respect and all the other good things that life should be. Such greedy trolleys in a packed shopping centre rolling along with an increasingly disturbed society of consumers. As if the trolleys and their contents are closer than relatives or old neighbours. Yet they go so soon, with greedy mouths. Not particularly hungry. But eating too much. Like smoking cigarettes whilst socialising. Or emotionally discussing, and smoking one after the other, yet I was aware of the illusory state and was not addicted, just went along then as a 16 year old, 18 year old, just going along. To do things with others, the entire concept of sharing. The right to consume is over anything else. To be a badly fed rich person is not ever me.

We live in a world that is denied as truth. We have so much more to see and believe than you or I can comprehend, yet we can take in our wisdom from what is seen. And be believed and accepted and loved.

I love and resonate to the power of soul and things that remain.