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Samantha Aungle


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Multi talented artist, using new technologies such as graphic illustration, animation, computer produced music. Also producing traditional and ancient art. SLAMary is my musical name for the first two tracks for sale. After that, the next songs I release for sale will be under my name: Samantha Aungle.

I am producing electronic experimental music, sound effects, and drumtracks by myself. Good for animations, art displays involving sound, soundtracks or other effects that are unique. I am also working on learning the electric p-bass. Behringer synth keyboard, and plan to get a Celtic drum – Bodhran. To record some future tracks with traditional, instrumental feel, maybe lyrical and as vocalised songs too.

I wrote my first autobiographical play in 2005. It was Not my Sin, was one of the main lines of the play. I rehearsed it with several other local performers from the Blue Mountains, NSW area. I also wrote and recorded a poem which I think was added in the performance. I could not attend or perform as I had injured my ankle whilst rehearsing. I had jumped and landed on a thick rope, similar to those found in the boating industry. It injured my ankle to the extent that it ripped some of the tendon. However it was performed in Penrith NSW in 2005 by the other performers.

I also have performed poetry in the Blue Mountains in 2004-2005, once on the mike at the Parakeet Cafe, Katoomba. I was a competitor in the Poetry Slam in 2008 at the Carrington Hotel, Katoomba.

I wrote and performed a monologue at Hornsby Girls High School in 1994 about bulimia. I showed a girl in hatred of herself in front of the mirror, throwing up and hating herself and her image. I have never been tortured by it myself, and I performed it with the intent of showing the others about the emotional pain of bulimia, the hatred of the self and body.

I was also Princess Narda in the play King Chicken that I performed at Hornsby Girls High School in 1994.

Artistically I have been supported since 1996, when I first collaboratively made and exhibited artwork at the Museum of Contemporary Art Gallery with the exhibit Cha Cha Pussy. We also had the exhibit running for about 3 weeks at Raw Nerve Gallery, NSW.

I also have exhibited photography and 3D mixed media at the Braemar Gallery in Springwood, NSW, Australia in 2005.

Also in 2005, I was part of a Chill Out Wearable Art Parade at Katoomba Civic Centre, with the recycled white wedding veil, white satin sleeping slip, and mock suede burgundy coat – inspired by CP Estes’s writing from the book Women Who Run With the Wolves. The Scar Clan Coat, with names stitched on that I have been wrongly called or things people have said to me in the past that hang around as verbally damaging emotional scars. It worked as a healing tool for me today, to ease my pain at least.

A recording I made of the process of a tongue piercing at Newtown’s Polymorph as a doco was played on the radio stations Triple J Fm and also on 2SER Fm in 1997.

I have been published in Connect Magazine with an article about the lack of funding to Cairns Art Society, and about their temporary Shop in the DFO shopping centre, Cairns, QLD, Australia. The issue was printed in February 2009.



Hi all.

View and purchase my postcards, t-shirts, posters, etc on Red Bubble.

I have added three new photographic works of beachscapes. One black&white. Another a sunset. And then a vertical view photo – instead of horizontal.

In the art area, I have uploaded an unfinished design – still working on it since doing a sketch a few days ago. I felt it was important to show the people what I am working on. I am going to work on this type of issue as a special interest. See what I am talking about by clicking on the above link.

Samantha Aungle

Check out my new samples and tracks on reverbnation.

I have added a few drum track samples, and an experimental track. Which is high pitched at one point so be warned!

Italian poetry from medieval times

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I was just looking on google for a correlation between the words ho and medieval poetry, and this was one of the first poets from that era who appeared. So I have run with that.

S’i’ fosse foco by Cecco Angiolieri – based upon a translation mentioning chorality of the verses, I assume for the purpose of the translation.

If I were fire, I would burn the world;
if I were wind, I would bestorm it;
if I were water, I would drown it;
if I were God, I would hurl it into the deep;

If I were Pope, I would be happy,
as I would harry all Christians;
if I were emperor, do you know what I would do?
I would chop off the heads of the lot of them.

If I were death, I would go to my father;
if I were life, I would run from him,
and I would do the same for my mother.

If I were Cecco, as I am and have been,
I would take for myself all the young and pretty women,
and leave the lame and ugly for others.


So opportunistic. And yet so righteously vengeful. And also the first four lines sum up the way of how to be not of the elements, as it stands with pagan rites according to an ancient usage and awareness of language.

This is a truth, and an English teaching of mine since I learnt to speak and write the word deems it wrong. Yet it is recognised instantly and ancestrally within myself, upon following by hearing and picking up on written and human sources who have awarely activated not, however it is spelt. And the word not is deemed as important to spiritual life for pagans. Some, anyway.

Check out music from Pop Murder

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A fun covers band I found on reverbnation.