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If the ordinary person goes to a shopping centre, they go shopping, they might see a movie, meet up with friends, eat some food, buy some clothing, etc. The experience for someone in the public eye is very different. They are monitored by video cameras, reported upon, mobbed by people, noted by internet sites such as Facebook and other social media, expected to sign autographs, etc.

So the experience of being a person is so different. Their private world is infringed upon. Their private ordinary world, what they wear, what they consume, what they eat, how they eat, where they buy things from, it is all written up as if it must be said by others, just because the person is famed for doing something, creatively, or otherwise. Why is it so important to note all these details of what a celebrity wears or does in their life?


If anyone can answer me knowledgeably, I’d like to know. As I suspect it highly from Facebook advertising, and also what I pick up when I am in the shopping centre, that I am being watched by people. Today I have been advertised to about my bra, or they are saying to me through advertising that they have noticed that I have worn a push up bra.

I also knew in this picking up from the vibe, and that was my ability to read their thoughts of me as I walked through. Whoever they were. But they were connected to it and I know it’s happened before. Right after I go out somewhere they will advertise to me what I have had on or something relating to a product I have bought.

It doesn’t sound usual to someone who just lives a normal life. All normal people are used to is going around and not being bothered about their lives by sites in the internet or any other rumours or lies. I am not a Hollywood actor, I am completely psychic and alternative in my lifestyle, always have been unconventional, activist in ways, leftwing, and they are starting to watch me as if I am the next big thing. I see no money from sales of my music or art.

I know that others in the public eye know of this. Those of you who do not are living a different life. That you should be thankful for. You are the lucky ones. You don’t have to fight for privacy and be aware of being monitored 24/7.

I don’t like it and want it all to stop. The media intrusion must end.

And I will do magic if necessary to prevent it from destroying my consciousness. And when I find out who it is I will talk to them personally and order them to stop. And seek legal action for their bothering of me.



Samantha Aungle