New works added to Red Bubble

Posted: March 10, 2011 in art, Uncategorized
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Hi all.

View and purchase my postcards, t-shirts, posters, etc on Red Bubble.

I have added three new photographic works of beachscapes. One black&white. Another a sunset. And then a vertical view photo – instead of horizontal.

In the art area, I have uploaded an unfinished design – still working on it since doing a sketch a few days ago. I felt it was important to show the people what I am working on. I am going to work on this type of issue as a special interest. See what I am talking about by clicking on the above link.

Samantha Aungle

  1. Hi
    I enjoy been neglecting my drawing late beside my 2 new holidays. I enjoy as well been costs a bunch of my activeness intelligent almost my duration at work: my administration is active done a reorganization.

    • It is often difficult to keep on with art. And you know it when it needs to be drawn, it keeps bugging you until you do. And only when you keep at it it will cease to disturb and start to become a pleasant happiness.

      Samantha Aungle

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